• Mr MBAFOR Jean Marc AFESI

    Born in Paris on the 4th of January 1983 to Professor Joseph Tanyi Mbafor and Regina Bissona Mbafor, Jean Marc AFESI MBAFOR is the second child, first son of a family of five children. Spending almost all of his life in Yaoundé, he completed his primary and secondary studies from Government Central...

  • Mr NGAMBO FONDJO Pierre Vincent

    Mr NGAMBO FONDJO Pierre Vincent is a superscale senior administrative officer. He was born on the 16th of November 1959 in Yaounde.


    Mr. George NGWANE was born in 1960 in Ngomboku, Tombel sub-division, Kupe Mwanenguba Division of the South West Region. He is holder of a Bachelors degree in English Literature, Diploma in French Language, Post graduate degree in English language from the University of Yaounde and Post-graduate...