January 5, 2021

Mr Benjamin MUTANGA ITOE was born on 23 September 1942 in Bombe Bakundu (Meme Division, South-West region). Lawyer by training and Magistrate by profession (retired superscale magistrate), graduate of the 1969 batch of NSAM, Mr ITOE was Attorney General in Buea after his integration.  He was the very first Attorney general of the Bamenda Court of Appeal in 1972 where he served for 13 years. He later left for the Ministry of Justice where he served as deputy Director in the Directorate of Legal Professions. He was later appointed Director of the Penitentiary Administration in the Ministry of Territorial Administration, post he will occupy for two and a half years, subsequent to which he is appointed Minister of Transport (1984). In 1985, he is appointed Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals. Four years later, the Ministry of Tourism is created and it is placed under his authority till April 1992 when he leaves Government.

Mr ITOE was also the pioneer Adviser in Cameroon’s Supreme Court, cumulatively with the functions of President of the Administrative Chamber of the said Court. On the international scene, he was appointed judge in the United Nations’ Special Court for Sierra Leone. For the nine years he spent there, he was the head of the Trial Chamber for two mandates.

On the political scene, he was appointed member of the CPDM central Committee by President Paul Biya, National President of the party.  Five years later, he was appointed Head of the Permanent Delegation for the Meme Division.

Grand Officer of the National Order of Valour, Mr ITOE is married and father of six (06) children.