New Year wishes at the NCPBM

January 21, 2020

The Members and staff of the Commission converged on the courtyard of the NCPBM headquarters in Yaoundé on 16 January 2020 to wish the President, Peter MAFANY MOUSONGE, a happy and prosperous New Year, 2020.

It was a hectic ceremony that saw the Members and staff of the Commission dressed in fashionable outfits to match the occasion. Taking the floor, the Secretary General, Dr. Chi ASAFOR Cornelius recalled the major actions undertaken by the NCPBM that have impacted the lives of Cameroonians since its creation. These include: the listen-to-the-people’s tour in the North-West and South-West regions, the evaluation of the effective implementation of the constitutional provisions on bilingualism in ministries, State Corporations and Public Establishments, and the creation of a committee to fight against hate speech. There were also benchmarking missions to countries having the same linguistic experience as Cameroon and the drawing up of a draft bill on official languages.

In his statement, the President of the Commission, H.E Peter MAFANY MUSONGE, outlined some activities earmarked for 2020 to fast-track the promotion of bilingualism, multiculturalism and living together. They include: the putting in place of regional services, stepping up the follow- up of the sound implementation of constitutional provisions on the practice of bilingualism in state entities and continuing the listen-to-the-people’s missions in the remaining eight regions. There will also be a sensitization campaign on the recently promulgated law on the promotion of official languages in the country.

The speech-making was crowned by the presentation of the New Year wishes of the Commission.  Members were led by the Vice-President, OUMAROU DJIKA, while the staff followed the Secretary General, Chi ASAFOR Cornelius, in the exercise. The occasion was graced by interludes of music from the Youth Choir of the Catholic Church, SIMBOCK and the Chacha Ndolo dance from Fako. A common meal ended the ceremony.

It was the first ever ceremony for presentation of New Year wishes to the President of the Commission.

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