Mission to the North

November 9, 2020

Opening their work on the 02 November, 2020, the town hall was full to capacity, with of course the respect of barrier measures for Covid-19. In the presence of governor Jean ABATE EDI’I, the population from all walks of life followed up presentations on the above themes from the SG/NCPBM, Dr. CHI ASAFOR Cornelius, the Vice President, Mr. OUMAROU DJIKA SAIDOU, Dr. NGAMBO FONDJO Pierre Vincent and Pr.Abbe Jean Marie BODO.

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New Year wishes at the NCPBM

January 21, 2020

The Members and staff of the Commission converged on the courtyard of the NCPBM headquarters in Yaoundé on 16 January 2020 to wish the President, Peter MAFANY MOUSONGE, a happy and prosperous New Year, 2020.

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