Raising awareness on the law on the promotion of official languages in Cameroon

January 15, 2020

It is one of the priorities set aside by the NCPBM during its first biannual session which also witnessed the validation of the 2020 Budget

Opening the session, Peter MAFANY MUSONGE said it is dedicated to examining the draft budget for 2020, which stands at FCFA 2, 980, 000,000. He called on the members to take into account the exigencies that the 2018 reforms impose on enterprises within the framework of the management of public finances. The President of the NCPBM indicated that, in the very short term, there will be a campaign to raise awareness on the law on the promotion of official languages in Cameroon. He explained that, the said campaign has been prescribed by the Head of State, and it intends to enable the various stakeholders not only to appropriate the provisions of the said law, but above all, to join the band wagon of its promotion. In this light, the President told the Commission members that they should be prepared to carry out regular field trips to ensure the follow-up of the promotion of the official languages in Cameroon.

The session held barely a few days to the celebration of the 3rd year of the creation of the NCPBM, on the 23 January 2017.

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