The Projects of NCPBM

Tasks accomplished so far(1): Elaboration and adoption

  • The organizational chart;
  • The standing orders;
  • The plan of action for the period running from June 2017 to December 2018.

These documents in full implementation of the section 12 sub (f) of decree No. 2017/013 of 23rd January 2017 were approved by the President of the Republic on the 6th of September 2017.

Tasks accomplished so far(2): Courtesy visits with working sessions to the following Higher State Institutions

  • Senate: 25th September 2017;
  • National Assembly: 25th September 2017;
  • Prime Minister’s Office: 26th September 2017;
  • Supreme Court: 27th September 2017.

Future Actions: Implementation

  • The organisational chart;
  • The plan of action;
  • The benchmarking mission plan;
  • A “listen to the people’s tour” to all the 10 regions;
  • Going down to the ministries to ascertain conformity with constitutional provisions on the use of the two official languages English and French