• Law on the promotion of official Languages in Cameroon

    The law which was promulgated by the President of the Republic on 24 December 2019 lays emphasis on the fact that the official languages of Cameroon (French and English) shall be of equal value and citizens shall be served in the public Administration in the language of their choice.

  • New Year wishes at the NCPBM

    It was a hectic ceremony that saw the Members and staff of the Commission dressed in fashionable outfits to match the occasion. Taking the floor, the Secretary General, Dr. Chi ASAFOR Cornelius recalled the major actions undertaken by the NCPBM that have impacted the lives of Cameroonians since its creation.

  • Raising awareness on the law on the promotion of official languages in Cameroon

    Opening the session, Peter MAFANY MUSONGE said it is dedicated to examining the draft budget for 2020, which stands at FCFA 2, 980, 000,000. He called on the members to take into account the exigencies that the 2018 reforms impose on enterprises within the framework of the management of public finances.

  • The NCPBM gets set to open its first Regional Branches during the first quarter of 2020, while looking back at its 2019 activities.

    Opening the one-day session, the President of the NCPBM, Peter MAFANY MUSONGE spoke of an intense year of activities at the Commission.  There was a brainstorming day on Living Together and a colloquium on Multiculturalism, with reports and recommendations on them sent to the President of the Republic.

  • NCPBM Members have been better armed to fight discrimination

    The workshop to map out means ad strategies to fight against discrimination was co-organised by the NCPBM and the United Nations Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa. The prohibition of discrimination is contained in a number of international legal instruments to promote and defend Human Rights in Countries like Cameroon which have ratified them.