NCPBM Members evaluate the practice of bilingualism around the country

October 9, 2023

All the members of the NCPBM went out in groups in the ten regions of the country to make an appraisal of the implementation of constitutional provisions relating to the use of official languages in the country. The 10-day missions that started on the 25th of September 2023, took the members to State universities, public hospitals, as well as defence and security training centres.

In the Centre Region, for example, the team led by the Vice President of the Commission, OUMAROU DJIKA visited the Gendarmerie Training and High School Command, popularly known as the National Gendarmerie School. The team which included Abbé Jean Marie BODO and the Centre Regional Branch Head of the NCPBM, LEKOUA MENOUGA Godefroy 12 were also at the Combined Military Academy (EMIA) and the National Advanced Police College.

In all these entities visited, the Vice President, OUMAROU DDIKA said the Commission was not coming as a Gendarme, but to assess and evaluate the use of the country’s official languages which are of equal status. Prof. Abbé BODO on his part explained the various articles of the law on official languages.

The upsurge in hate speech and xenophobia was also of main concern to the members of the Commission, who, together with their hosts discussed various ways of curbing the scourges.

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