Appointed Staff installed at the NCPBM

July 5, 2023

Friday June 16, 2023 will live to be remembered at the NCPBM, for, it is the date on which the first set of appointed officials since its creation in 2017 were installed. They were appointed on the 16th February 2023 by a decision of the NCPBM President, following a resolution taken by the Institution during its session of 16 December 2022 and subsequently approved by the President of the Republic.

Commissioning the appointed staff, the Secretary General, Dr CHI ASAFOR Cornelius, on behalf of the President of the NCPBM said, an appointment is not an end in itself. “Know that if you fail to deliver, the likelihood is that you’ll lose your position to some more deserving person. You know that you have been appointed to serve and not be served. Your subordinates are not your personal employees but enablers to help you attain the goals set by the Commission», the Secretary General instructed.             

Dr. CHI ASAFOR Cornelius outlined some recommendations to the commissioned staff. None of them shall come to office later than 8:30am; files have to be diligently treated at all levels (not more than 48 hours after reception);every unit shall produce weekly and monthly reports to the Secretary General and there should be no unnecessary wandering around the institution   during working hours. Added to these, professional secrecy has to be respected by all, while the mails office is meant only for those appointed to serve in that unit.

The Heads of the Regional Units were told that they have to constitute a credible relay of the Commission at the Regional level and the NCPBM services have to be the best in hospitality and in the services rendered.

Those appointed included: Chiefs of Bureau, Chiefs of Service, Sub Directors, Regional Heads, (who have rank of Assistant Directors) and Directors. They were 45 in number.

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