The NCPBM takes stock of 2021 and projects into 2022

February 8, 2022

Members of the Commission met on the 16 December at the Yaoundé Conference Centre in their second biannual session.

On the activities carried out in 2021, H.E Peter Mafany Musonge pointed out that, “we received the very high instructions of the President of the Republic to carry out a new communication campaign against hate speech and xenophobia in our country”. This activity took the Commission virtually six months to be realized.

The promotion of the two official languages was also of great concern to the Commission, the reason why it was in Douala for a week, to follow-up and evaluate the implementation of the public policy on the promotion of the two official languages by Employers’ Organizations and some private Companies.

As far as 2022 is concerned, the President of the NCPBM said “We still have an uphill task of making the Commission better known to the public, and especially to our partners. This requires more communication and more positive actions on the field.” He added that, “one of the challenges we’ll have to face will be to get our regional offices operational, despite the difficult financial situation in which we find ourselves”

Members, at the session, examined a report on the execution of resolutions adopted during the session of January 2021, a report on the implementation of the NCPBM missions, a report on the activities carried out from January to December 2021 and the draft NCPBM action plan for 2022.

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