Outdoor broadcast organised by the CRTV and the NCPBM at the campus of IAI, Yaounde, on May 23, 2019.

May 28, 2019

Members of the NCPBM have taken part in a live-broadcast of discussion programme over CRTV, which was centred on the theme: “Impediments to peaceful co-existence in Cameroon: What solutions?”

The discussion took place at the sumptuous campus of the African Institute of Computer Science (IAI) with the stimulating participation of seven eminent speakers drawn from the academic world, civil society and the NCPBM.

The NCPBM was represented on the panel by Dr. Ngambo Fondjo Pierre Vincent and Mr Jean Marc Afesi Mbafor who raised very challenging arguments.

The debate moderated by CRTV’s Hughes Ndi in English and French, first identified some of the noxious obstacles that stand in the way of peaceful co-existence in Cameroon.  According to the panellists, the constraints include tribalism, poverty, unemployment, corruption, social injustice, poor governance, and discrimination in public concours.

They agreed that the government has a responsibility to ensure that there is equity among Cameroonians, so that they can look at each other as brother and sister of the same entity, sharing the same destiny.

In terms of the way forward, panellists then suggested that Cameroon’s history must be retold its youth, while the ethos of tolerance, solidarity, consciousness of a shared destiny, and social justice must be entrenched in the country to guarantee peaceful co-existence.

Speaking at the end of the invigorating debate, the representative of the GM of CRTV, Alain Belibi, who is Central Director in charge of the Radio, thanked the NCPBM for supporting the public broadcaster in the successful organisation of the Out-door broadcast.

The programme was conducted as a contribution to enrich the debate on living together which was the centre-piece of this year’s National Unity Day celebrated nationwide on 20th May, 2019.

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