The NCPBM Organises Colloquium on hate speech and Xenophobia in Cameroon

May 11, 2021

Opening the Colloquium, the President of the Commission, H.E Peter MAFANY MUSONGE said hate speech and xenophobia are witnessing an upsurge in the Cameroonian society, mostly in the domain of digital communications. He said “These phenomena weaken National unity and integration, threaten our living together, social cohesion and stability, and stand against the emergence of sustainable peace in the country.”

Participants at the colloquium listened to six presentations on various themes related to hate speech and xenophobia. They included “Hate Speech and Xenophobia as obstacles to Nation-Building and social cohesion” by Pro. Elvis NGOLLE NGOLLE, “Alternyms and pejorative presentation to group hatred and xenophobia in Cameroon: anthropological foundations of the construction of the rejection of the other” by Prof. MBOUBJI EDJENGUELE and Prof. ABOUNA Paul. Professor Laurent-Charles BOYOMO ASSALA on his part treated “Hate speech and discriminatory vocabulary in the Cameroon media: causes manifestations”, while Prof. Willibroad DZE –NGWA handled “Hate speech and the Anglophone problem: challenges to peaceful co-existence in Cameroon”. The fifth theme was “Ethno-regional cleavages and socio-politically motivated animosities in Cameroon: elements for understanding incipient xenophobic tendencies «by Prof; Yenshu Vubo Emmanuel. The last theme which was “The penal codification of the banning of hatred and xenophobia was handled by Prof. MINKOE SHE.

At the end of the Colloquium, a good number of recommendations were arrived at, that will be transmitted to the Head of State.

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