International Labour Day Observed at the NCPBM

May 8, 2021

This year’s Labour Day which was void of the traditional march past because of the Covid-19 pandemic was however marked by some activities at the NCPBM. In this light, the staff on May 1st converged massively on the premises of their headquarters in Yaoundé where they communed with hierarchy in the strict respect of the barrier measures in the fight against Covid-19. On the occasion, the Secretary General of the NCPBM, Dr. CHI ASAFOR Cornelius recalled the measures taken so far by the Commission to protect the personnel from the pandemic. This is one of the rights of the worker which requires that the worker be in good health at work.

On the eve of Labour Day, the Secretary General made a presentation on the rights and obligations of the personnel. On the rights of the worker it could be retained that the worker has the right to a salary, a periodic rest, security at work, good Health and the right to go on strike among others. Concerning his obligations, he must carry out all oral and written orders at work from hierarchy, without which he exposes himself to disciplinary sanctions. He must also keep professional secrets, be loyal and abstain from taking money from users for services rendered.

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