The NCPBM carries its campaign to roll back hate speech and xenophobia in the regions

June 21, 2021

The team had as mission to meet the grass root population and together sort out the causes, of the upsurge of hate speech and xenophobia, then propose solutions that can help eradicate the ills.

After meeting with the population in four separate groups, some of the causes of hate speech peculiar to the West region could be identified. They included: the outright unacceptance of people from other regions and even other villages of the same region. This is manifested by the refusal by the natives to sell land to non-natives. The villagers buy only from each other, yet expect to sell to others. The “Bororo” community in the West region are discriminated upon. Being a nomadic people from the onset, they are looked upon as people who should be up in the hills despite their wish to settle. Political rivalry is also much accentuated in the region where party officials consider that there is no equity in the sharing of the “National Cake”. The Youth of the West region castigated Enterprises of the area, saying they employ only the youth of their locality, leaving most of them jobless.

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