Law on the promotion of official Languages in Cameroon

March 14, 2020

The NCPBM organised an ownership seminar on the law, for a better understanding of the legal instrument by its members, who will in turn raise public awareness on its merits.

The law which was promulgated by the President of the Republic on 24 December 2019 lays emphasis on the fact that the official languages of Cameroon (French and English) shall be of equal value and citizens shall be served in the public Administration in the language of their choice.

Opening the two-day seminar, the President of the NCPBM, H. E. Peter MAFANY MUSONGE said it was the first step in a series, aimed at explaining the law, so as to avoid any erroneous interpretations of some of its provisions by the population. To be able to give the public and target groups relevant explanation based on convincing legal grounds, the President of the NCPBM said, members of the Commission and the Secretary General should have a common understanding of the law and be conscious of the stakes and challenges inherent in its implementation.

In this light, the participants listened to properly elaborated presentations, by experts, including that of the Secretary General of the NCPBM, Dr. CHI ASAFOR Cornelius, on the context of the drafting of the law.

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